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I just wanted to clear a few things up...

First, I make no claim to coming up with the idea of how this works. One place that I worked at had a brilliant lead developer who wrote the first version of this that I saw. It worked so well that in I started writing my own version at home (I stole the concept but not the code) with a few improvements/enhancements (like running all of the scripts within a transaction). That version matured very quickly in my next role where it is still being used today (this app along with a few other changes changed the amount of time it took to do a release from a few hours to a few minutes!)

Secondly it was originally written in .Net 1.1 and although I have made some changes for 3.5 it's not taking advantage of very many 3.5 features.

Finally, it evolved quite quickly and so there is some code in there that....well let's say 'could do with improving'. It does work and works quite well though!

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