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Example Of Use
  1. Determines which environment it is running against. BuildEnvironment
  2. Begins a 'cross database' transaction.
  3. Recurses through all directories in a given root directory.
  4. Looks for a defined 'structure'. ProjectSetup
  5. Loads up all scripts found in the change scripts directory.
  6. Loads up (from the database) a list of all scripts that have already been run against that database.
  7. Runs all scripts that have not yet been run (in order using string comparison ScriptNamingConvention)
  8. Once all scripts have been run successfully against all databases it COMMITs the 'cross database' transaction.

Command Line Switches

  1. /e Environment override (e.g. Development or Build).
  2. /d Promote from directory override (path of the root directory to search for changes scripts in.)");

wiki note: if you change the above make sure you change them in the DatabaseUpdateController.cs file so they appear when someone types help

If no overrides are provided DBUpdater will use the defaults. For the environment it will search for a build.environment file and use the value contained there. For the directory it will use the DevelopmentDirectory app setting from the app.config.

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